Glazed Cabinets from Our Faux Finish Company in Portland, OR

Modernize your dull and fading cabinets with a new look from our faux finish company in Portland, OR. Five Star Faux Finishes gives your existing cabinetry a modern look with commercial grade products that last for many years.

Our approach allows the homeowner to preserve existing elements while giving the room a new look.

Over the last 18 years,  Justin and Jennifer have mastered just about every aspect of finishing cabinets. We use commercial-grade finishes for both new and existing cabinetry. Give your cabinets a little more character and charm with our layered and aged finishes.

Fine Custom Cabinetry Finishes and Glazes

If you love shabby chic, you’ll love our layered aged finishes. Many of the clients we serve have asked about glazed cabinets in Portland, OR, as well.  Choose from both full and clean glazes for your new design.

Contact us today to start developing one plan that includes cabinets and newly painted walls. We proudly serve clients in Portland, Oregon, as well as surrounding areas.